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I'm a Ford Fiesta Agent for the social media experiment called the Fiesta Movement. Basically Ford brought over a hundred 2009 Fiesta prototypes from Germany and gave them out to be driven like mad for the next 6 months, along the way creating buzz and a boat load of user generated content in the manner of photos, videos, blog entries and Tweets (the Fiesta goes on sale here next summer).

As a marketing strategy it is pretty smart, and with any luck might be just the shot in the arm that Ford needs to get its balance sheet back in the black. Joel and I are gonna take my Fiesta out for some track testing, but in the meantime I've managed to score an interview with Ford's CEO Alan Mulally over on TreeHugger. However, while the questions over in our community tend to trend "green," I wanted to give boing boing readers a shot at asking some questions outside that box. So, if you have a question you'd like to ask Mr. Mulally, pop on over to the TH forums and post it, no account required. If your question is selected the answer will be posted here on boing boing gadgets.

I'd like to see some clever questions or comments regarding technical issues, gearhead issues, or just pure geek stuff you want to see in upcoming cars that will get you buying American again. I gotta tell you...this thing is LOADED with whatever you may want, could already be in here. If you want to ask me something about the car just leave a comment here.

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