Springs for hot, wet dipping


I went to Japan last November and planned to hit up the country's collection of ancient hot spring baths. I brought along this "Hidden Hot Springs" guide, but never used it. Total bummer.

That's why I'm vowing to hit up a stateside spring sooner than later*. Whether you need a relaxing soak, or you're looking for a potential "healing", here's how to find hot water spots [via Cool Tools]:

- Soak.net
- The NGDC's Geothermal Map and Text Database

No gadgets allowed! Turn off your cell phone. Don't pull out a PMP. And definitely don't take pics of naked people (unless you ask for permission, which actually now that I think of it, is even weirder than just taking a pic in the first place).

[image by Spencer Tunick]

*Be sure to go soon. Hot springs have a tendency to dry up.

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