NYT: Big-screen Kindle ready, maybe announced this week

The New York Times' Brad Stone ventures:

As early as this week, according to people briefed on the online retailer's plans, Amazon will introduce a larger version of its Kindle wireless device tailored for displaying newspapers, magazines and perhaps textbooks.

And who are these people briefed on the online retailer's plans? Why, his own colleagues at the Times:

An Amazon spokesman would not comment, but some news organizations, including The New York Times, are expected to be involved in the introduction of the device, according to people briefed on the plans. A spokeswoman for The Times, Catherine J. Mathis, said she could not comment on the company's relationship with Amazon.

I love how this hamfisted, parsing disclaimer comes across as Stone screaming at the top of his lungs: "HINT, HINT!"

Looking to Big-Screen E-Readers to Help Save the Daily Press [NYT]

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  1. Oh my… that’s just…. hideous. Someone tell me again what actual books are lacking?

  2. @Daev- Do not be alarmed, that mega-bezeled monstrsity is a photochop joke. I hope.

  3. That was SUCH a well-researched article…

    You know this’ll be coming, so I’ll just get it out of the way…

    iRex 1000:
    10.2 Inch (diagonal) electronic paper display
    1024 x 1280 pixel resolution at 160 pixels per inch
    16-level grey scale

    /If anyone is wondering what to get me for my birthday…
    //But wait for the wireless model, please. (Go big or go home, eh.)

  4. Daev, definitely a photoshop joke, from them the Kindle 2 was first released.

    Paulr, I love the iRex readers. But so expensive! The Kindle is a stretch, financially speaking, but $900 for the iRex 1000 is just painful. They are awesome, though. Any idea if the CPU is reasonably powered? Looking at PDFs on the Sony Reader 505 was like pulling teeth. Seriously a full minute or two just to bring up the page.

  5. Seems to me like Amazon (and their manufacturers) should be concentrating on making the Kindle more affordable.

  6. Any idea if the CPU is reasonably powered?

    Um, if you buy me one, I could tell you… ;->

    The DR-1000’s have an 800MHz CPU, which should be plenty fast.

    My iLiad has 400MHz CPU, and loading PDFs isn’t too bad – unless they’re books, but then they take about…6 seconds (Dostoyesky’s Crime and Punishment, 2.0 MB) the first time it’s loaded (It has to create a folder where your ‘current page’ and your scribblings are stored and move the PDF to it), subsequentl, it took 4.5 seconds. Don Quixote, at 695KB, oddly enough, takes 9 seconds.

    The 100KB magazine/newspaper articles I’ve leeched off of the ‘Net take about three seconds. It’s quite tolerable.

  7. That sounds really nice. The Sony was seriously an exercise in pushing a button (ie, next page), pause for a while, then a “Is it locked up? Did it recognize the button press?” press the button again, wait, wait, wait, oh! There it goes! Oh crap, that was the first button press, now it’s working on the second one…

    That was only for PDF’s. For text it was fine, but it was completely useless for PDF. Unless you’re into that sort of thing.

  8. I should make clear, page turns only take about 1 1/2 seconds, which is essentially the screen refresh time.

    And, bonus: the iRex readers have stylii. When Cory comes to PEI to give a talk, I plan on attending and having him ‘digitally sign’ a digital copy of Little Brother.

    Do THAT, Kindle-kiddies!

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