Rumor: Palm Pre out on June 7, only at Best Buy, and $1,000 without a contract

Palm's Pre, the first post-iPhone phone to excite The Media, will be out on June 7. This according to BGR's anonymous source:

Best Buy will be getting its hands on a limited inventory of Pre handsets for a trial launch on June 7th. Sprint will be direct-shipping the lot to arrive on the 6th and in total, about 4,500 units will be spread throughout Best Buy Mobile locations across the country.

The best part is the rumored no-contract price: $1,000. That would be a preposterous marketing stunt, as the Pre possibly costs less than $200 to manufacture.

Sprint 'n' Best Buy. Couldn't have picked a better pair.

Best Buy to Trial Launch Palm Pre... [BGR]

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  1. It looks like they are just trying to soak up the profits from the Queen’s own Early Adopters(tm) that usually go to ebayers.

    Sensible enough strategy. Virtually every consumer electronics product with any prelaunch hype has a smallish bunch of people willing to pay insane amounts to have it first. Might as well soak them directly, rather than let the middleman do it.

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