Use LEDs to create a Pac-Man Roomba

"He promises better cleaning time."

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6 Responses to Use LEDs to create a Pac-Man Roomba

  1. Anonymous says:

    Smart idea, but the execution could use a little work. Might look better if the LEDs were all yellow, and the chomping animation was more fluid (like in the games?).

    All the same, it was pretty cool. With some improvements, even I would want one.

  2. dculberson says:

    I think they are yellow, and may be fluid, it’s just the digital camera compensating for low light making them look orange/red and jumpy.

  3. technogeek says:

    Packman. Roomba… I’d call it a Poobah.

    (“If you want to know who we are…”)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Not to be pedantic, but he actually doesn’t say “He promises better cleaning time”.. he says that cleaning time becomes more fun..

    Cool project though. Geek out!

  5. dole says:

    Not bad, seeing it in action makes me wonder if there’d be a way make a spinning LED display on top to make the animation a little more full and fluid, and whether it’d be viable, i.e. able to spin fast enough, and not affect the travel of the Roomba.

  6. blueskyd says:

    That is a good idea , I think it must be looks more wonderful , if the LEDs were yellow!

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