MSI X340 X-Thin laptop reviewed (Verdict: Merely okay)


The MSI X340 is a netbook in the body of a MacBook Air. Joanna Stern, a woman who has single-handedly made Laptop magazine the center of the netbook universe, passes judgement on a not-quite-production model:

For $899, the MSI X340 delivers on the promise of an affordable ultraportable as thin and light as the MacBook Air. However, while it provides better performance than netbooks, it doesn't provide the same build quality and graphics oomph. But that may not matter to those who like that the X340 costs half as much as the base model Air, and has more ports and much better battery life, to boot.

Th X340 doesn't actually use the same Intel Atom processors as most netbooks, but instead the Intel ULV-series chips, which are slightly faster.

Joanna also mentions that the plastic chassis makes the X340 feel flimsy compared to the MacBook Air.

The X340 has a suggested price of $900—refurbished aluminum MacBook Air units can be bought from Apple for $1,000. Even if you aren't an unabashed OS X fan like me, that's a tough sell for MSI. (The X340 will go down in price pretty quickly, however, while the Air will not.)

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