Doctor Driller saves boy's life


A doctor in Australia drilled into a boy's skull with a power drill, draining it of blood clots that would otherwise have killed him. From the BBC:

Dr Rob Carson performed the procedure on Nicholas Rossi, 13, after the boy fell off his bike and hit his head. The doctor had never attempted the surgery before, and had to be talked through the operation by a Melbourne neurosurgeon. ... The small hospital had no special tools, so the team had to use a household drill.

I wonder what model it was.

Photo: fox.out22 / Игорь Сергеев

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  1. well apparently Dr Carson remembers saying ‘get the Black and Decker’ – at least according to the boy’s father as reported in the ABC – I’ve heard it was a battery operated from the utility cupboard 🙂

  2. This isn’t anything new. cracking the skull open to relieve pressure is pretty common. you do it quick and dirty and let the experts come in and inspect the damage afterwards.

    happened all the time in mobile army surgical hospitals.

  3. Yes, common. Also, in veterinary orthopedics all drills that are used are “household drills”. Dewalts and Mikitas (spelling) for sure. I’m sure a Bosch would work just fine. Good to hear the kid is goin’ well though.

  4. Human/Medical Appliance Attenuation?!

    I would argue that the prior treatment of said appliance, in that it would have been exposed to repeated contact with organic, naturally occuring substances, as would occur in turpentine, eucalyptus, or ‘tea-tree’ oi, would embody it with superior antiseptic properties, when compared to modern, synthetic agents.

    The recipient organism would similarly be attenuated, by way of cellular processes, to the implements involved.

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