Atom PC in a vase


ECS has stuffed an Atom/Ion-powered PC into this vase, which even opens up to reveal a Blu-ray drive. That's what I'm talking about. Average desktop PCs should pretty much just be lamps at this point.

The only bummer is that I suspect that this is plastic, not ceramic.

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4 Responses to Atom PC in a vase

  1. Rune says:

    Based on the seams in the first two pictures, I’m guessing plastic. But you’re right, that is all kinds of awesome.

  2. nehpetsE says:

    Indeed. plastic.

    It gradually takes on a more organic form factor as it overheats and melts all over your desk.

  3. Jordan says:

    I don’t get it – why is this something anyone needs? What’s with this idea that our computers have to look like something else?

    Refrigerators look like a big box. Stoves? Box. Oven? Box. Car? Box on wheels. Toilet? Bowl on legs.

    Even our televisions are prized for their appearance AS TELEVISIONS, over trying to make them look like, say, art or a mirror.

    Why should computers be different? Why can’t they just LOOK like a well designed computer, instead of a cheap imitation vase?

  4. Dan says:

    @Jordan: why not? Why does a computer, or a refridgerator, or a stove have to look like a box? They look like that, generally, because it’s an established design that works–and is likely optimally cost-effective–but if someone wants to make something that challenges that concept, more power to them.

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