The H-Bomb, a battery-heated $1000 wetsuit


If you're like me and you hate cold water, or if you're surfing in some ridiculously cold region of the earth, you could try out the H-Bomb, Rip Curl's new battery-heated wetsuit. The H-Bomb uses two 120g, 7.4-volt batteries to power up a network of heated carbon fiber conductor coils to keep your core warm. It was developed by surfers and researchers who tested the suit in freezing cold places like Norway and the Arctic Circle. The Daily Stoke called it "the best wetsuit ever" and did a funny video review of it. For $1000, let's hope so.

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2 Responses to The H-Bomb, a battery-heated $1000 wetsuit

  1. Enormo says:

    Would be great for even moderately cold environments low 50s and colder. (If swell is inconsistent sitting gets you cold fast.) The problem is that wetsuit rubber degrades relatively quickly. Even if the heating system can hold up to the wear and tear, surfing in this thing 5 times a week will require you to pony up another $1000 in about a year.

    Still, if you surf in extreme conditions, this wettie will make it a much more pleasant experience.

  2. dainel says:

    What you need is an insert which you put inside your wetsuit.

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