Review: Kool Dogz Ice Cake Maker

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Gus loves chew toys, carrots, spinach, dog treats, and he's especially fond of ice cubes (or "free treats" as my bro-in-law calls them). Since the pugger enjoys each of these independently, I figured freezing 'em all into one massive block of ice on a sunny Sunday afternoon would pretty much rock the little dude's world.

So did Gus finally figure out what to do with that thing?

Pics, video and details after the jump...The short answer: yes.

The Kool Dogz kit is easy to assemble, fill, and use. It comes with a plastic bucket, three-prong stake and metal dish. You simply drop the provided bone-rod into the middle of the bucket, fill with water, and then add in whatever goodies your dog might enjoy.

After freezing the bucket overnight, I placed the stake in the backyard, flipped the bucket upside down on top of the metal plate, and waited a few minutes for the block to unfreeze from the plastic before removing.

kool collage.jpg

From there, it was up to Gus. He is a lovable dude with no lack of loyalty or good looks. He is, however, not the sharpest little guy. After some prodding, though, he got licking...

As the ice melted, he enjoyed finding the carrots. Then I got bored. Then I forgot to check up on him. As you can see towards the tail end of the video, by the next morning, spinach shreds and two chew toys were left in a puddle of water.

Lesson learned: Gus mainly loves carrots.

So is this thing worth it? Maybe. You could easily freeze treats in your own bucket, then place the block on a trash can lid to keep the ice clean. Still, Kool Dogz sells their kit for $20, which is by no means unreasonable.

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