Video: Making "Living Movie Posters" with a Red One camera

Alexx Henry Photography used Red One cameras to make "living movie posters", essentially trying to replicate the look of a one-sheet photograph but using video. I don't know if this is a promo for the Red One, but it's technical enough that it's actually really interesting. If nothing else, think of it as advertising that will inoculate against other advertising!

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  1. They had “motion/living” ads for “Jurassic Park, the Lost world” all over the place….

    I’m not getting why this is unique or even why they needed the RED ONE camera…


  2. @2: Because it’s only very recently that you could get high resolution and 24fps video at the same time. Previously it was an either/or proposition and even a still from a high-end movie camera simply didn’t have as much image data as a shot from an SLR.

  3. Living movie posters… shouldn’t someone be asking why?

    It is hurting my head to put this all together but I would activly avoid areas that use this technology to advertise to me.

    The novelty is thin with the realization that I am going to be ‘surprised’ by a moving movie poster.

    Can not wait until they can just project images on my retina as I walk by(!)

    Cool camera though.

  4. I disagree with Robot-Mistake. I think the idea of living movie posters is very cool. It shouldn’t be used for every product but for movies and television shows, it is a natural. Bravo to Alexx Henry for thinking of this idea.

  5. Sounds pretty interesting although I do not think that I have seen any ‘living’ Jurassic park ads or any of the ones in the video clip.
    I agree with one of the previous comments re there are places where I would not want to be ‘invaded by’ these motion picture ads.
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