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  1. Does it work? I assume so, but how did he get the capacitive wheel to work through wood?

    Beasutiful, but too bad it looks like an older B&W model (4th generation?) If the battery on those is anything like my 3rd generation’s the thing may as well be a piece of wood.

  2. @#1 The wheel is probably covered with a thin layer of Camphor Laurel veneer. Veneers can get paper thin, and if you ever had a case with clear plastic cover for your ipod, you know the wheel works really well, almost to the point of through thick denim jeans (and on a humid day it will!).

    That’s a pretty nice recase though. I wish modern iPods’ screens held up as well as the Minis did. Otherwise I’d be tempted to do the same to my 5G ipod.

  3. Hey!
    I’m josh who made the wood ipod mini mod and I thought i’d answer your commented questions. For the click wheel, the original plastic wheel cover is around 1mm thick, so i knew i had to make my wooden wheel close to that size. I actually didn’t use a wood veneer because I thought that would have been cheating a little, so i shaved down a piece of the camphor laurel to around 2mm thick. I didn’t think the click wheel’s sensor would sense a finger through the 2mm wood but to my happy surprise, it did. And you were right hadlock, it works the same was as how you can sometimes control your click wheel through your jeans, the click wheel’s sensor is surprisingly good at picking up the finger. it works really, really well now. Pretty much as sensative as the original click wheel was.

    see ya!
    Josh D

  4. hey i’m obviously a girl and i’m 14 year old.

    i saw this picture on the frankie website and i was stunned, i want that case so bad!

    i absolutely love it!

    are you making more of these?
    pleaseee pretty please do, i think you would also make lots of money haha.

    if you are selling it, i’m up for it!
    it’s amazing, you are very talented 🙂

  5. Hey Amy,
    ahhh, i LOVE frankie and i didn’t even realise that they had posted a photo of my wood ipod on their site! wah!

    first off, it’s people like you that I love getting to share my wood ipod case with (well photos at least). thank you for the nice comments! seeing others appreciate it in the same way i do makes me so happy. I don’t have any plans right now to make any more i’m sorry to say. it was a one-off and took me a veeerrrryyyy long time to make by hand.

    BUT! I am russling through ways that I might be able to make a kit form so people can woodify their own ipods. so there is still some hope for you! i’ll let you know when i get closer to that being a reality.

    thanks again,

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