O Beautiful For Spacious Bag, For Amber Waves of Beer

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Timbuk2's Dolores Cooler messenger sack can hold a 12-pack of canned PBR*. The lining is insulated. One of the straps features a red pop top. All you need now is a designated cyclist.

*Person who comes up w/the best addendum, wins.**

**The prize: respect and admiration from your peers.

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28 Responses to O Beautiful For Spacious Bag, For Amber Waves of Beer

  1. error404 says:

    There is a great bag copmpany from Bendigo in Victoria Australia called CRUMPLER who make a bag like this, but in my opinion better.

    The big version of which was called the seedy3.

    The fantastic thing was that as a stipulation of the design brief it had to be able to carry a slab of VB (beer).

    Which I does admirably.


  2. dculberson says:

    Aaah! What does the asterisk mean!

  3. jordawesome says:

    * Beer not included (?)

    #1, I’ve got a crumpler camera bag (the seven million dollar home) and it is *awesome*. I can only assume one designed to hold refreshing beverages would be as equally superb.

  4. feedingfashionistas says:

    I love that they named it after the beer-drinkin’-est park in San Francisco, too! I led a group bike ride that was to start at Dolores Park, with a soft-sided cooler of beer lashed to my handlebars. Once people sat down and started drinking, lemme tell you, it was near-impossible to tear them away from the park.

    It’s in my top 5 places of all time.

  5. styrofoam says:

    The site description says “hold a 12 pack of PBR (at least)”, no asterisk.

    I don’t think the crumplers are insulated, which is the value-add of this bag. I can fit a 12 pack of PBR in my messenger bag, but my side would get a little chilly after awhile.

    It’d take me awhile to get comfortable toting bottles in a soft-sided cooler, though- which may make the opener of little use.

  6. Steven Leckart says:


    An afternoon at Dolores Park circa 2004 is part of what convinced me I had to move to San Francisco.

  7. Skwid says:

    I was hoping the * led to “Or some beer that actually, you know, tastes good.”

  8. Steven Leckart says:


    It does now, until someone suggests something more clever.

  9. Agies says:

    *Ingenuity does little to account for taste.

  10. ssaargent says:

    Reload made an actual PBR bag. I can’t find it on their site, I’m pretty sure that it was a limited run.

  11. mmbb says:

    PBR means Puke Bag, Right?

  12. AT203 says:

    *or the regionally ironic beer of your choosing.

    Um, if you click through to the Crumpler website, that bottle opener doesn’t look usable. If you think about how the bottle cap would go in there, it looks to small to get proper leverage. Yeah/no?

  13. fersheezytaco says:

    *please prevent hipster feedback loop (it’s bad so it’s ironic which makes it cool until it becomes trendy which makes it bad again) by avoiding use with pink fixie bike and handlebar mustache.

  14. hokano says:

    * or even beer, if you prefer

  15. Steve O says:

    Probably Bad Reasoning

  16. King_Pluto says:

    Has red white and booze been taken?

  17. notpeter says:

    ..12-pack of canned PBR* …
    * Please Bike Responsibly

  18. Andy Gates says:

    Now, fill it with Stone’s Arrogant Bastard Ale and you’ve got a deal. Ho yus.

  19. Fex says:

    “I don’t think the crumplers are insulated, which is the value-add of this bag. I can fit a 12 pack of PBR in my messenger bag, but my side would get a little chilly after awhile.”

    One of my Crumplers (the Very Busy Man) is a laptop bag, so it’s padded, which doubles nicely as insulation when I’m hauling beer.

    Seems like Tumbuk2 are trying to rip off Crumpler’s style. It’s not going to work though. Crumpler regularly do a ‘beer-for-bags’ promotion – they tell you to bring in a certain amount of beer, and in exchange they give you bags. That’s it. No cash involved. Now that’s a way to promote your brand.

  20. Gexx says:

    Fat Tire comes in cans now, but it doesn’t color-coordinate with the bag. What to do!- appear fashionless and drink beer or match the fashionable red/white/blue of the bag with stuff that’s horrible to drink

  21. styrofoam says:

    Is the crmpler laptop bag waterproof, though? Like able to tote the ice around without leaking through? My bag’s a freebie Chrome that’s vinyl(?) lined cordura, and I can pretty much fill it with water. It’s kind of nice when my lunch blows up, I don’t end up soaking my desk and other objects.

    On the other hand, the fact taht the liquids swirl around the bottom means that my laptop has had a few run ins with strained tomato sauce, on the edge that happened to be downwards. :/

  22. Chrs says:

    I’d prefer a nice alternative to the can or 12oz bottle, thanks to the lovely Stone Brewing. And I know for a fact that you can get it around Dolores Park.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Pretty Bad Reference.

    Polyunsaturated Butter Replacement.

    People, be real!

  24. Tryg says:

    *For tin can majesties stacked
    Above the recycling bin!

  25. Anonymous says:

    *Plastic Buttock Replacements. Serious cylists need to carry extras.

  26. aj says:

    Good idea, but if you’re going for the canned stuff, buy 21st Amendment. Made in San Francisco and oh so tasty.

    Note: Dolores Park is not the only place in San Francisco for sunny outdoor refreshment.

  27. Anonymous says:

    *Pee BeeR

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