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  1. I see where they’re going with it, but it’s too big to be practical.
    Cool design and all, though. That I agree with.

    Honestly, with a little skill you can run a USB extension cable into a cart body and plug a small flash drive (or one that’s been shelled) into it.
    That way you could upgrade your own when you need more space!

    -what’s better is a keychain-carryable flash drive with the ROM images and portable versions of your favorite emulators.

    Portable application allowed (and still allow) me to leverage perfectly good PCs being used as a POS terminals at work, since they’re running Win XP.

  2. Yes!

    If anything, we’re almost to the point where an entire desktop computer, including all the emulators and ROMS, could fit inside that form factor.

    What would be good is if you could squeeze in a couple of hours of battery life, just plug it directly into the DVI slot on a monitor, and control is with a bluetooth atari joystick with a wee trackpad or trackball on it.

  3. The least they could’ve done is use the actual Atari cartridge font instead of that poorly matched look-alike. BLEAH. A retractable cable would’ve been nice too.

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