iPhone 3GS: Adequate Filmmaking Tool?

Videos shot using the new iPhone 3GS are piling up on YouTube, which has reportedly experienced a massive surge in mobile uploads since the phone hit the market last month. Exciting, but not nearly as exciting as the idea of someone using the phone to shoot an entire music video.

Xeni posted about the video for Reyna Perez's "Love Love Love," which was shot by m ss ng p eces using only the 3GS. The team wrapped shooting and completed the video one week after the iPhone 3GS debuted in stores.

There are, of course, other music vids purportedly shot with only the 3GS. Below is "Love Love Love" followed by others I've found. Got a favorite? Got another one to share?

BJSR - "Play"
produced by Showdown Productions, LLC

XFYA's "Technologic Overkill"
produced by the automatic filmmaker

Bonus: A mini-doc about a violin player*

Bonus #2: HOWTO make an expensive, pro shoulder mount for your 3GS

*Not a music video technically, but close enough.

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