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  1. I see a limited market for this. People who golf don’t ride bicycles. They drive SUVs or midlife-crisis convertibles.

  2. I used to tow my clubs to the course nearly 40 years ago. No special buggy..I just tied the handle of the standard golf buggy to the back of my seat. Worked fine.

    The bike that is used to illustrate the arrangement is an interesting choice.

  3. People who golf don’t ride bicycles. They drive SUVs or midlife-crisis convertibles.

    I beg to differ. While a very occasional golfer (and a terrible one at that), I do in fact ride a bicycle. I don’t bike commute, but I do bike for fun. I golf for fun too, so why not mix them?

    Golf is only as fun or boring as you and party allow it to be. Nonetheless, golf isn’t very environmentally friendly. But neither are soccer, baseball or football stadiums and parks. By necessity, practicality, and a little push from the green is vogue set, I have no doubt that some golf courses will start evolving in a fashion that uses much less water and manufactured chemical fertilizer. Let’s just hope it isn’t with the help of newly designed Evil Monsanto seed.

  4. For 25+ frickin’ years I’ve managed to avoid playing golf and you go and show me this?!? I had such a good streak going there…

    Maybe I can take up urban golfing instead. This could look cool hitched to a fixie, no?

  5. John Wiedey, my thoughts exactly.

    Screw the boring golf accessories, more on the space-age bicycle.

  6. Would you have to obey cart path rules with this? If not – fuck yes. If yes – fuck no.

  7. Everyone of my friends who golf ALSO ride bikes. This seems like a great idea…and for less than $200! I will be all over this!

    I may even get one for my kid. He can ride to the course on his own and not always hit me or his mom up for a ride!

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