Vaio W first impressions: great HD display but tough competition


British reviewers have already gotten Vaio W netbooks, and the reports are in: everyone loves the high-def 1366x768 display, smooth HD video, and all but one liked the keyboard. Some knock the high price in Britain, but it won't be as expensive in the U.S. [via Engadget]

PC Pro writes "The Mini W Series big selling factor is undoubtedly that screen, and the Sony VAIO brand name, but we'll have to put it through our barrage of performance, battery and quality tests before giving our definitive verdict. Nevertheless, this is a fine first stab at a netbook by Sony, and a promising sign of things to come."

Tech Radar writes "You are paying extra for one of the best keyboards ... [and] for the lovely screen. ... Gripes? Not many, really. No HDMI output. No slot for a SIM-card for 3G internet access." writes "The best thing about Sony's 10in netbook is its screen. ...We were also impressed with the chiclet keyboard - it's 86% full size so takes a little getting used to, but there's plenty of travel in the keys and it feels more premium than most netbooks we've used."

What Laptop writes "Not cheap then, but it's definitely one of the nicer high-end netbooks we've seen, and the screen really is a stunner."

Photo: What Laptop.

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