Make-your-own steadycam, now with a gimbal

The $14 steadycam is the easiest way to conquer handheld camcorder jitters, adding stabilizing counterweights and handles. But if you want something more like a real Steadicam, here's a how-to guide to making a ghetto gimbal mount, another key to smooth movements. The Steadicam people make a mini handheld rig just like it, but it's $800, and off-brand models still cost upwards of $400. [YB2 Normal]

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  1. P.S. I know what you’re thinking, but the gimbals you can buy at Home Depot for $10 are too stiff — they’re for ceiling light fixtures and the like..

  2. Wasn’t one of the big things of the original $14 steadycam that it specifically didn’t have a gimbal? Mind you, I guess if it just has a couple of degrees of play in the planes, it’s really just a damper system rather than anything else…

    Still, it looks like it doesn’t do vertical panning all that well.

  3. The video looks great. Funny that ability to make great DIY tools and take good video doesn’t go with good taste in music… 🙂

  4. what about using the skate bearings for the gimbal
    axis as well? (where the bolts pass thru the pvc

  5. Could you post a picture of the completed rig, and maybe one of you holding it? I don’t get where you are actually holding the camera – by the gimbal only? This looks seriously cool, and almost easy enough for me to attempt, but I’m not sure about what the whole thing looks like completed.

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