iPod Nano emerges victorious from laundry


Charlie Sorrel forgot to remove his iPod from his pocket before committing his garments to the waters. It died as a resullt ... but is now resurrected. [Wired]

The iPod sat for almost a week on a warm and breezy window sill until the last remains of water had disappeared from behind its single gleaming eye. Yesterday, after a final few hours sat on my MacBook's power brick (the only substance in my home as hot as the surface of the Sun) the patient was hooked up to the EEG (Mac) via USB.

A few tense seconds later and the Apple logo appeared. A cough, a splutter and then iTunes announced that the iPod was alive. Alive I tell you!

Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Wired.com

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  1. mine however is still dead after a trip to laundry and no warranty will bring it back from the grave.

  2. I did this with a 2nd gen shuffle, except I didn’t discover it until the shirt was coming out of the dryer. After most of the day to ‘rest’ and a night syncing, it seems to have survived without much trauma…

  3. To those that have washed electronics, I feel your pain and I have a solution! First off, don’t turn it on just to see if works, you may short the thing out. Submerge the gadget into a bowl of dry white rice for a day or two and leave in a cool place. The rice sucks out all of the moisture from the gadget. It’ll work much faster and won’t melt plastic screens like setting it in the sun will.

    Of course if the laundry screws up the LCD screen, that’s pretty much all she wrote anyway.

  4. A better procedure is to submerge the gadget in methylated spirits to displace the water, then remove and allow to dry. That way there won’t be any small droplets of water left inside corroding things, and the metho will evaporate quickly and completely.

  5. I think in general, if a small, solid-state gizmo doesn’t survive a little soap and water, you’re doing it wrong.

  6. The same happened to me with a slight difference. My battery died but my iPod works when it is connected via USB.

  7. I think a trip through a washer is significantly more than “a little soap and water.”

    Try riding inside one and see what I mean.

  8. I forgot to take my Sansa Fuze out of my pocket a few months ago and sent it through the washer. Luckily, after a day and a half or so sitting on a towel in the kitchen, it fired right up and is still going strong.

  9. I must have sent my apple remote control through the wash about 5 times now. Silly me. Lucky the thing keeps working! Right out of the wash!

  10. My son left his iPod Nano in his pants. It went through the washer AND the dryer. We let it sit for a day and it works great! He was very happy!

  11. Even though your first reaction is to immediately check and see if the ipod is okay after discovering it has been washed, DON’T!! I washed mine and left it for a week before attempting to turn it on. I got no response but when I plugged it in to my computer it was revived!! Began charging right away and I got the sync is complete message on itunes. All the music is still there and accessible. Now it will not hold a charge, I’m afraid the battery is gone, but I’d rather have to change a battery than have to replace the whole thing! YAHOO!!

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