Exovault iPhone Case has some brass

01 brass and aluminum angles.jpg

From the creators:

The EXOvault case is machined from solid metal stock in two pieces. Providing you with a distinctive beautiful handcrafted object that sets itself apart from the average modern plastic world. You have the choice of light aluminum, classic brass and aerospace grade titanium.
All the materials will age and patina beautifully through use.

Aluminum and brass are $95, or you can be an idiot and pay $300 for titanium.

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  1. Idiot my ass, titanium is an awesome material!!

    I’m going to buy it even though I don’t have an iPhone, and show you who’s an idiot! (oh, wait…)

  2. So, feel free to post a “let me google that for you” link here, but I just wonder:

    Is there a repository of free-to-reuse CAD drawings/dimensions of popular consumer products? That would be a pretty awesome resource for people who wanted to machine something like this themselves (or at their local machine shop). I know Apple releases specs to companies that want to make licensed products…

    Damn, I may have found a use for my web page.

  3. I really want that Titanium case.

    I think Boing Boing should give one to whoever posts the 4th comment to this post. Sounds fair to me. Let me know where I should give you my postal address thanx~

    (especially I had to write “she hobnob” as the captcha)

  4. I’m not quite sure how titanium and aluminum are supposed to “patina”. Titanium is all kinds of useful in part because of its general inertness(under standard conditions) and aluminum is protected by a thin layer of its oxide.

    Only the brass is going to do much of anything in the patina department, and it is going to be bloody heavy, and make your hands smell distinctly odd, while doing so.

  5. The brass one, especially, kind of looks like a prop from the David Lynch Dune movie (which is a good thing!).

  6. Wow that case is so amazing! The idea to make something like that is amazing! Probably a great protector 🙂 No worries anymore about dropping my iPhone.

    I have my doubts though about the titantium case, I find it a bit extreme in my opinion. Alumimum for me, it’ll suit my MacBook, hah.



  7. Got mine today, it’s a beautiful case.

    Small problem.

    My reception went from 5 bars/3G to 1 bar/EDGE.


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