Ironing board doubles as a full-length mirror


Multifunction is great when it can be pulled off without compromising style. This ironing board designed by Aissa Logerot flips back into a full-length mirror.

Aissa Logerot's web site [via MoCo Loco]

Published by Lisa Katayama

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  1. We sold stuff like this when I worked at HSN. ‘Style’ was always one of the sizzle words. There’s nothing stylish about this, I mean unless the style is ‘Joy Mangano’.

    I’ve liked the majority of Lisa’s posts. But today she seems really uhm, into makeup and ironing boards.

  2. I’m hoping for an “awesome car parts and meat products” theme day, just to balance things out.

  3. The weight of the iron alone would be enough to turn it over. In the pic on Logerot’s website, note how the model is supporting it underneath with her right hand.

    And it looks really cheap in mirror mode.

    It’s not a terrible idea…just looks like a poorly executed design.

  4. Well sure, the execution is awful, but I can’t be the only person who reads boingboing whose first thought was “holy crap, what a great idea — I’ll make a better one myself out of mahogany and brass and never have to stow my ironing board again!”

    …right? O_o

  5. I want one, but stable.

    And for Plushies, it’s a theme day. Hence all the make-up related posts.

  6. I’ve got one of those ironing boards that’s attached to a wall. That might be a better platform for a long mirror.

  7. Gouldina, OohShiny, thanks! I will be putting an ironing board on the back of my existing wall-mounted mirror ASAP.

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