Apple Tablet Due in September?


Headlines are a tricky thing. Today The Financial Times reported some big news, but don't let the big type above their story fool you. They're reporting much cooler news than this semi-snoozer:

"Apple joins forces with record labels."

Don't get me wrong. It is interesting. Apple and the four major music labels are reportedly cooking up project "Cocktail," a plan to bolster album sales by bundling special digital content like booklets, videos, downloads and interactive features. If they do it right, this could be big, considering bands like Radiohead and NIN are making bank with multi-tier pricing for varied bonus content.

Let's be honest, though. FT's headline should have been something like this:

"Apple launches tablet, teams with record labels."

Yep. The story suggests Apple could likely bump up the release of its long-awaited, much-rumored touch tablet to September in order to coincide with project "Cocktail."

Says FT:

The new touch-sensitive device Apple is working on will have a screen that may be up to 10 inches diagonally.

It will connect to the internet like the iPod Touch - probably without phone capability but with access to Apple's online stores.

"It's going to be fabulous for watching movies," said one entertainment executive.

Correction: It's going to be fabulous for pirating movies.

image by vernhart

[via Wired]

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  1. Communicator – Check
    Talking computer – Check
    Picards tablet – Check

    alright, now I need a transporter, warp drive and phaser pistol.

  2. Great, so we’ll have a device that is to big for ubiquitous web browsing but lousy at regular web browsing (no keyboard). We’ll also have a device with terrible ergonomics, since the tablet form factor means you have to either hold your arms up constantly (try doing that while typing on a 10″ virtual keyboard!) or stare down at your desk/lap. The backlit-only screen will make this a lousy ebook reader compared to the Kindle. The only useful applications of tablets, note taking and drawing, will likely be out due to Apple’s stylus-hate.

  3. Yes Zan, and I’m sure the corners will be sharp enough to cut bread… or wrists.

  4. I was hoping that if Apple would do a tablet computer it would be something more like the typical tablet laptops, where the screen can pivot to cover the keyboard or you can use it as a regular laptop. Genuinely, the only reason I would want a tablet computer from apple would be for drawing directly on the screen. If it doesn’t have a stylus, pressure sensitivity, or other things like that, it will be a huge waste of technology.

    If it does, I’ll be the first one drooling over it.

    That picture is ridiculous, though, talk about pointless. A really big iphone! Wow! The primary appeal of the iphone is being able to fit it in your pocket. There have been times, admittedly, that I wished I had more surface space to play with… but not so that I could have a whole screen full of applications.

  5. Personally, the biggest story around the Tablet is how it forces Apple to define its “matrix” thinking between hardware form factors and software forking decisions (e.g., iPhone OS, Mac OS, hybrid OS, download anything anywhere, exclusively limit to App Store), not to mention the service layer and developer tool inter-connects between same.

    It’s the device that will spotlight their uber computing vision moving forward, a topic that I blogged about in:

    Apple, the ‘Boomer’ Tablet and the Matrix

    Check it out, if interested.


  6. “a plan to bolster album sales by bundling special digital content like booklets, videos, downloads and interactive features.”

    Ummmm… didn’t the record companies do this back in the mid to late 90’s? I remember having a few CDs that had “bonus content” on them. Mostly, the extra content was lyrics, a music video or two, and maybe kareoke versions of the songs. Oh, and there was usually a nifty interactive menu similar to the interactive menus you get on DVDs. (yes, the studios count that as “interactive content”)

  7. the content additions are a joke. Unless they are allowing me to purchase the stuff and receive hard copies of it in the mail after I download the digital version, iTunes is completely useless to me. I’d rather pay my local record store for a physical vinyl copy and then use the digital download coupon that comes with 95% of albums these days.

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