Review: 15 minutes with Pledge's Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair

Pledge's $5 hair box is a plastic gadget equipped with rollers. Designed to squeeze up pet hair regardless of which direction it's rolled, it's more expensive than adhesive rollers--but claims to be better. I picked one up at Target and put it to the dog bed. Thoughts:

• It works as well as a roller, but not better.
• Definitely not as gross as roller sheets.
• It's ridiculously designed to make it impossible to empty.
• But it works just fine if you empty and re-use it.

Pledge's decision to to mold the cover permanently to the base is a cheap attempt at screwing customers, but it's a neat gadget all the same--and nothing an Xacto knife can't fix.

Update: Reader I Am At Work offers a useful Instructable on re-using them.

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