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  1. I can’t quite decide: is the “new tech inside old tech” trope a manifestation of the laughing, but essentially loving, nostalgia that makes college students watch children’s cartoons or is it a manifestation of the atavistic desire to mutilate and humiliate the corpses of your fallen enemies that Achilles dragging Hector around or people making necklaces out of severed ears?

  2. I would buy it just for this quote from their FAQ:

    Question: How is this different than a regular (boring) USB Hub?

    Answer: The Cassette Tape USB Hub looks like a cassette tape. So, it’s awesome and not boring.

  3. Absolutely beautiful, especially to someone like me who was making mixed cassette tapes in high school, but I can’t take any USB hub seriously that isn’t externally powered.

  4. It’s not nostalgia that makes me watch children’s cartoons. It’s discovering all the jokes I was too little to know when I first watched them and the fact that Looney Tunes is much better than “The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack”

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