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  1. It should really have only 256MB, but come in a S version with ridiculously quick access times.

  2. it seems like a lot of these tiny USB flash drives have been hitting the market. There’s star wars, this, there were mario and friends. it’s getting out hand! haha

  3. Man, I just do not get why companies make flash drives that are wider than the USB plug itself. Who wants to block all the other ports/unplug everything just to move some files?

    Of course, I’ve taken this sentiment to the extreme- My flash drive du jour (until I lose/snort it by accident) is a teeeeny Super Talent, which is only about twice the size of the shield on a USB cable, and made of cast metal… Lovely. It gets beaten up on my keychain constantly (I bike a lot) and not a scratch, so far.

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