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  1. Intel Inside?

    It’s rather hard to beat the young lady I saw in Cambridge a year or two again, with lettering barely visible above her beltline that _seemed_ to be the tops of the letters “Abandon All Hope”…

  2. I quick survey of Apple slogans…

    “Soon there will be 2 kinds of people. Those who use computers, and those who use Apples.” (Early 1980s)
    “We’re looking for the most original use of an Apple since Adam”
    “Welcome IBM. Seriously.”
    “It takes minutes of practice to make Macintosh do this.”
    “From the creators of iPod.”
    “The most affordable Mac ever.”
    “You can’t be too thin, Or too powerful.”
    “The all-in-one for everyone.”
    “It’s a good time to be a desk.”
    “Rapid transit”
    “Thin as always. Faster than ever.”
    “*Do not eat iPod shuffle”
    “Put a different kind of change in your pocket.”
    “So much to touch.”
    “One size fits all.”
    “The funnest iPod ever”
    “Touching is believing”

  3. “You can’t be too thin, Or too powerful.”

    They had to drop that one after Steve started taking it a bit too seriously…

  4. I’m assuming it’s a temporary in any case.

    Unless she’s actually a prototype ‘droid…

  5. @ technogeek

    That is hard to beat. So hard to beat, in fact, that it might be impossible. My secret hope is that she had the class to follow it up with the ellipsis rather that the rest of the quotation.

  6. What’s so cool about getting a corporate logo tattoo? I think it’s pretty gross. Tux, would be different. Linux is a movement, not an evil corporation.

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