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  1. Great.

    Now the book is ruined and the Kindle is still exactly what it is.

    -only now it’s in a ruined book.

  2. Not only is it dumb, it is 25 dollars plus S&H for something made in 10 minutes with an exacto knife and elmer’s glue dumb.

  3. Now, hang on a sec:

    I have a slim, leather case from Amazon, but it’s not the sort of thing you want to just chuck in a backpack full of stuff–I can just imagine my bag falling to the floor in my car and my Kindle’s screen getting knocked between, say, a mouse and a pile of textbooks.

    I’m also leery of leaving my kindle–in a case emblazoned “KINDLE”–on the seat of my car when I pop inside the gas station. But no one’s going to steal a clunky tome with a sufficiently boring title.

    Pop out a portable electronic device in a lecture hall, church, or at a dull party–people automatically give you dirty looks, even if all you’re doing is reading a book and not blowing up zombies or texting or whatnot. Not so if you appear to be perusing an intelligent volume!

    But paying 25 for this luxury? Yeah, that’s dumb.

  4. Buncha negative nancies. I think it’s cute.

    (Also, I challenge you to make one in 10 minutes. I highly doubt it would look any good, if it can even be done. If it take 1/2 hour, well, $25 is pretty freakin’ reasonable. Add in the time to sell it, ship it, and that’s at least an hour.)

  5. You’d be surprised – I’m a Samurai with an exacto knife. Maybe it would take more than 10 minutes for the glue to *dry*, but my work would definitely be done in 10: old book, straight edge, exacto-knife, pencil: Trance object on page 2, lay down ruler, cut through as many layers as possible. Repeat x4, brush glue on interior space (you can tell that’s what they did because of the glossy sheen), save that top page which you cut carefully (that’s your mat), that one you glue down to hide any flaws.

    I love that I should calculate selling time into my pricing factor.

    Here’s the thing. I like to make things. I can make pretty much any crafty thing and have all the stuff. I can weld and solder and upholster and paint and work wood and needlepoint and knit and cook and bake etc. It’s pleasurable. I never buy anything I can make for less. And until I make 150 an hour I would make this product. In fact I think I made something like this once for my first high-school boyfriend so he could hide his pot stash from his mom.

    I would not make this for the Kindle though because I think it adds excess weight to a product that was designed to be portable. I would just make a little pouch out of neoprene or something.

    Of course I wouldn’t buy a Kindle because I hate DRMish stuff and the remote snatchability of purchased media.

    I have way too many issues. I’m in therapy.

    Now those amazing artworks made out of books that you boingboingers featured awhile back, wherein the guy took into consideration all the illustrations throughout the book and made little visible worlds – I sure couldn’t do that.

  6. There are a lot of dumb books that would be great sacrifices for such a protective thing. Not ALL books are sacred territory to be protected. Some are already falling apart, will never be read again or are just graphically beautiful. I’d rather protect an investment than preserve something destined for the dump.

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