ECCEROBOT: Not Via SKYNET, But Might As Well Be

ECCE is an anthropomimetic robot, meaning it is designed not only to look human, but to mimic the inner architecture and mechanisms of the human body like bones, ligaments, and joints.

Behold, the three goals behind ECCE:

(1) to design and build a robot using anthropomimetic principles
(2) to characterise its dynamics and control it
(3) to exploit its human-like characteristics to produce some human-like cognitive features

Says ECCE:

Nice try with #2. KNEEL BEFORE, ECCE!!!!!!!

I suggest we add a #4 to the list. How about programming ECCE to abide by the Three Laws?

[via IEEE Spectrum via BotJunkie]

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  1. you know, you THINK things aren’t going to phase you and then they put a t-shirt on the robot and it’s head first into the uncanny valley.

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