How Sony sneaked the PS3 slim into the public FCC database


Sony used a pseudonym, "Sand Dollar Enterprise Inc.," to obscure its PS3 slim filing at the FCC. It worked, keeping the thinner revision a perfect secret, visible in plain sight, right up until the reveal. PS3 News was first to spot the ruse, after the fact:

Sand Dollar Enterprise, Inc is represented by SCEA's General Council, Riley Russell.

This house is actually a private residence, but whomever lives here filed the documents with the FCC, most likely on the behalf of Sony, as they would be much harder to find with a different FCC ID (XCE) than that of Sony (AK8).

The filing reveals a second unit, with a 250GB hard drive.

Filing [FCC via PS3 News]

Photo: PS3 News

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  1. I wouldn’t say “perfect secret”… The spy shots of the case shells and retail packaging a while back were spot on and very real, even though a lot of people debunked them.

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