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  1. It’s beautiful, though. I want one. (In red, of course.) Maybe I should build one, hyper-insulated, with re-used building materials.

  2. Meneghini says it uses Liebherr refrigerators– design aficionados are paying the firm to build a nice cabinet. Liebherr claims Better Energy Efficiency and Silent Operation

    The refrigerator is the only appliance in the home that runs 24/7. For this reason, high efficiency is essential for energy savings and the environment.
    Liebherr is the only manufacturer in North America to have 100% of its refrigeration ENERGY STAR® rated.
    Liebherr’s variable temperature compressors are always on at the perfect speed – there are no “on” and “off” surges that eat up power.
    Competitive products place their compressors on top at the front of the unit and essentially, act like a speaker to the kitchen.
    Liebherr compressor systems are at the bottom and the back, and are therefore SuperQuiet – virtually silent to the human ear.

    Besides, a freezer (especially a auxiliary one) isn’t opened as much as a refrigerator. The comparison is unfair.

  3. I wonder how those old timey-looking door latches work. That style of latch was banned a long time ago so that children couldn’t shut themselves inside and suffocate to death. Are they just ornamental, or is there some sort of emergency release on them that the original ones never had?

  4. And actually, $10k doesn’t seem like all that much when you consider the average fridge at Home Depot is probably pushing $1500 – $2000.

  5. Literally translated, Liebherr means “man love,” which confirms my long-standing suspicions that my refrigerator is gay.

  6. That beautiful. Obscene, but beautiful.

    I just installed a pair of 2 drawer refrigerators in my kitchen. It’s only about 10 cubic feet, but that makes for less wasted space and less wasted energy. One drawer is a freezer and the other three are refrigerated. We’ve also reclaimed some counter space by giving up the giant free standing fridge in favor of under the counter drawers.

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