Analyst predicts Apple TV will become a television set


Can you guess which one? [Fortune Brains]

Analysts research and write for paying clients in a similar way to how reporters research and write for the general public. But whereas reporters tell stories about things that have already happened, analysts sell stories about the future.

Their clients gamble that analysts know more. And sometimes, they do. As often as not, however, analyst clients end up paying someone with few real contacts to tell them the same thing that bloggers with few real contacts have already told the whole world, for the lulz.

By way of illustration, the pic above was made by some random twit about a year ago.

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  1. Pic needs more watermarks.

    I suggest “(C) – Some Random Twit” across the whole damn thing.

  2. The “twit” part is on display in the form of the dongle wired to the left side.

    If Apple were actually going to do this, the one dead-certain bet would be NO DONGLES. Whatever it’s supposed to be, Apple would build it into the case where you can’t see it or mess with it. That’s how they roll.

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