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  1. This whole getting rid of polaroid film thing really sucks. I got a pink & gray polaroid camera for my 9th birthday – it still works and i’ve kept it with with me every time I moved. I almost want to buy a shit ton of film, and just keep using my 16 year old camera.

  2. Oh, mark my words, this is not the death of Polaroid instants.

    This is the beginning of a hibernation lasting probably about a decade.

    In 2019, when everyone’s cell phone shoots 1080p, the iPhone has licensed RED Digital Cinema technology, and the few print magazines still in production occasionally feature ads with built-in cameras, the time for the Polaroid’s return will be nigh.

    It’ll be back like freakin’ Lomos.

    However, you’ll still buy it in an Urban Outfitters.

  3. While working in casting for Dreamworks last year I remember our casting director not wanting to believe me that polaroid was finishing up. Even in this digital world, casting directors still love it.

  4. By the time it shows up in Urban Outfitters, the hip kids have moved on. Urban Outfitters channels their hand-me-downs to suburban teenagers and wannabe hipsters (and, apprently, channels part of the proceeds to the Republican Party).

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