About 10 apps an hour processed at AppStore by each review pair


Apple's reply to the FCC's questions are in. These things go out on Friday afternoon for a reason. Some straight answers, some not so straight at all. But one can hardly blame Apple for its cagy replies. What is this sort of regulatorial inquisition if not "Answer these questions to give us rope to hang you?" [Apple]

The AppStore tidbits are interesting. There are about 40 appstore reviewers, with two checking each app. As there are 8,500 submissions a week, each "pair" will review 425 apps a week. Assuming for expediency's sake a 42.5 hour working week, that means each reviewer checks out 10 apps an hour. (Update: Gruber doubles the number, presumably interpreting review pairs simply as brief quality control checks by the second person)

And, according to the reply, 80% are approved (though clearly many of the remainder are resubmitted and ultimately accepted.)

Adds Joel Johnson: "Cut and paste rejection: explained."

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  1. This explains a lot. Even with a second reviewer for “quality control”, I doubt these people have enough time to properly go through the apps and give them an appropriate approval/denial.

    They probably have some automated tools that will scan quickly for red flags and then spit out a form-letter response.

  2. You’re probably right, michaelportent. I just wonder if Cory or anyone else at the mothership will think of that the next time someone’s app gets shot down. I also wonder how many of these 8500 submissions are brilliant things like Yet Another Flashlight App and iFart.

  3. This would be a good case for the use of fuzzy logic. Have a first team sort through the ‘obvious junk’ and send the potential good work to the next level. This first step would take seconds. And each successful level would spend more time as you go up in levels.

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