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  1. That is a third generation iPod on the Apple page, not like the one in the BBG photo.

    If I needed one that had that little capacity, it would be a good buy. We paid $300 for the 10GB version back in 2003.

  2. I still have (and use) a 2nd gen iPod. The screen has a few vertical black lines on it, but who cares! It’s my gPod, or Garage iPod.

  3. I tried ordering one yesterday. They are actually refurbished 10GB 2nd Generation units. I had hoped to snag a mint 1Gen version but it was not in the cards…


  4. That Gen 1 iPod was awesome. Great design. It felt good in your hand. And the click wheel, I mean the mechanical one, felt good too. Also, who doesn’t love a nice slab of lucite? I’d love to get a brand new one again.

    Besides, 5GB, a thousand songs! Who needs more than a thousand songs on ’em at once?

  5. I’ve got a 2nd generation nano bought in March 07. (Does that make it old?) It holds 4 GB, and doesn’t play video. I love it.

  6. My 2nd Gen model (birthday pressie from my mom, how cool of an early-adopter is she?) still does great service hooked up to the iPod adapter in the glove box of the BMW.

  7. honestly. unless you’re a collector, this is strangely lame. i mean amazon is selling an 8Gb Zune for $135. and it has a radio.

    of course… you don’t get to sync it with the iTunes Music Store. but enh. i prefer to load mp3s from my CD collection.

  8. What’s strangely lame is that some people still believe that to get music onto the iPod you must purchase it from the iTunes Store. OH WELL.

  9. I just like the real Firewire port that the 1st Gen iPods have. It reminds you that the iPod is just a hard drive that also plays music.

  10. I just saw this and I have to say this offering is odd to say the least. If this iPod is a 1G, then why have a stock photo of the 3G model? Also, why is Mac and iPod spelled in uppercase? I’m pretty sure Apple knows better than to do that. I’m also left wondering why Apple waited until now to sell these? Since they are almost 8 years old, they are probably obsolete and I would think the battery is almost dead, if it isn’t dead already. Reading this story makes me think of what the US Mint did last year (Besides liking my iPods, I’m a coin collector). They sold rolls of 2001 dated half dollars, leaving me stumped at the time. This story makes me feel the same way.

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