Fake Steve on David Pogue's curiously effusive Snow Leopard review

Just to be clear: This is absolutely not because David Pogue makes most of his money by writing "missing manuals" and other Mac-related user guides. Like this one, and this one, both of them for ... wait for it ... Snow Leopard!

Snow Leopard reviews: Buggy, glitchy, and David Pogue loves it! [FSJ]

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  1. Yeesh, he really starts ranting at the end there, I guess that’s his schtick.

    The real winner on that blog entry is the comment from H.aiku:

    snow leopard pounces!
    inexpensive but not cheap
    we’re snow rabbits

  2. The first bit was merely amusing; but about halfway through it goes into hardcore ice-burn mode. We can only hope that it made somebody at the Times cry into their half-empty cup of coffee.

  3. Holy shit, Phisrow is right. I didn’t bother reading the whole thing, but that PS is really harsh.

    On an unrelated note, where is this Tenderloin he speaks of?

  4. Dculberson, I was curious about this too, since I lived in NYC for years and didn’t know what this was, and so I looked it up:


    Apparently I used to work in the Tenderloin. And, in fact, it remains to this day my least favorite part of Manhattan, although it may be more around 8th that I’m thinking of, which may technically be Hell’s Kitchen…but it all kinda sucks (IMNotSoHO).

  5. Considering Pogue’s publications, it would be curious if he didn’t express enthusiasm for Snow Leopard, really. What, he’s going to write a thumbs-down review after spending that much time and energy writing the books? Human nature doesn’t work that way.

  6. Just to be clear : that swipe was absolutely not because Real Dan Lyons (who’s a tech columnist for Newsweek) and David Pogue are competitors.

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