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  1. It doesn’t count as a derivative cash-in if you are the incumbent with the name recognition, right?

  2. Saw this yesterday on BikeSnob. He is a little less delicate in describing the shoes (and describing fuseProject).

    FuseProject is continuing to appear as if all they do is take the good ideas of independent companies and suggest them to other, similar companies. Stealing clients watches and telling them the time.

  3. This line has actually been around since before crocs (usually sold as “professional shoes” by the Birki brand)… they’re big in the “works on wet surfaces” crowd (kitchens, gardens, etc) and predate the 2004 arrival of crocs. These seem to have been updated with a better heel and a weirder sole, but otherwise look to be exactly the same shoes that this line has been churning out for years. They’re still pretty ugly, but not as derivative as you might think.

  4. My only consolation when confronted with fugly clothes like this is knowing that when we look at pictures of ourselves in 20 years, we’ll slap ourselves on the forehead and say, “WHAT were we thinking!?”

  5. It’s the other way around – Birkenstock has been making these garish garden clogs for decades. I wore a snazzy yellow pair to my high-school graduation in 1996, to the vice-principal’s dismay.

  6. You’d think they could at least use more neutral colors, or make them more Birk-looking. That’s the FAIL. I agree that Crocs are fugly, but they are useful.

  7. I actually had a pair of these ten years ago. They had a cork insert though. At the time, they claimed they were very popular with nurses (easy to clean, I guess). They were very dark blue and extremely comfortable.

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