Snow Leopard ate my data

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I was really excited to install Snow Leopard on my MacBook. Yay for more hard drive space and better usability for only $30! Less than 10 minutes into the install process, though, I got an error message. Something about not being able to find my drive or not having enough space. And then the MacBook died. It refused to start up. I got a gray screen, and then it turned itself off. Gray screen, off. Gray screen, off. Three times. Starting in safe mode failed, and starting from the disk got me to a disk utility page where it tried to repair my disk and then told me to back up, reformat, and restore.

Luckily, I'd saved all my stuff on the Time Machine two days prior, so three hours later I am now able to write this blog post from my MacBook, where little has changed except for my wallpaper and a couple of notes I took on some Stickies yesterday. Maybe I did something wrong &mdash I should do my homework, read the instructions or the "things you should do before making the leap to Snow Leopard." But then again, I got a Mac so I could stop worrying about stuff like that.

I'm sure Snow Leopard is awesome once it's installed, but right now I'm not willing to invest the time into reading the precautions or to risk losing everything again.

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