Building in Shanghai made out of CD cases


The Shanghai Corporate Pavilion, which will be part of the Shanghai World Expo in 2010, has a facade made from thousands of plastic tubes that were originally CD cases.

[via Inhabitat]

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  1. I reckon I could make at least a quarter of that wall from all of the jewel cases that have busted on me. Hope that doesn’t reflect in the structural integrity of the building…

    “Oh no, the hinges on the main entrance have snapped off… again”

  2. Very cool building. I wonder why they used all clear cases. They come in a variety of colors.

    The CD case: Perfect Sound Forever, in a package that probably won’t last a week.
    I happen to have in front of me the first CD I ever bought, in 1984: Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams…
    The case, amazingly, is still intact. It’s also identical to cases made today. I can understand how the packaging designers goofed on the hinges and produced a box as fragile as a debutante’s ego but why on Earth didn’t they change it to a more rugged design? It’s been 25 years and an open CD case dropped on carpet from waist height is 50% likely to snap a hinge. Bad design can happen but duplicating it billions of times over a quarter century shouldn’t.

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