Toronto Department of Zombie Disposal commences operations


Shannon Larratt, inspired by Pittsburgh's proactive response to the zombie menace, took up the mantle to become sheriff of the first department beyond the borders of the U.S. and Haiti. [Zentastic]

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  1. I’d respectfully argue that this is a role already well covered by ZS, who I believe already have a well trained undead suppression task force in Canada, ZS:003. zombiehunters dot org .

  2. Wouldn’t an SUV really kind of suck for postapocalyptic zombie patrolling, though? Between the high-rollover rates (especially for jacked-up monster-truck types like that) and the problems with getting gas in a postapocalyptic world, you’re just asking to end up stranded in the middle of nowhere while the deaders close in. I’d recommend a combination of police interceptors with mesh over the windshield and enhanced bumpers for ramming attacks, and similarly-modified Subarus for getting around (all wheel drive).

  3. Jack @7 – No, SUVs would be the only way to go. Sure, if the roads are clear and empty, get yourself a hybrid with a serrated bumper. But do you know how many times you’re going to have to leave the highway to detour around a pileup? And you won’t have very happy trails speeding over piles of zombies with your dinky scoobaru suspension.

    Sadly, SUVs are the way to go. At least you can fill the back half up with jerrycans.

  4. You have to drive a little foolishly to roll a nice wide SUV. The lift on this truck is not so extreme that it’s unstable… Even my previous truck which was much larger would have been difficult to roll (yes those are real human skulls, from disposed of zombies).

  5. Besides, rolling a truck mostly happens in rapid avoidance maneuvers at current freeway speeds. Post-Z-day, we’ll all be going 20mph at the most because the roads will be littered with obstacles. And the washouts and ridges you’ll have to traverse will require a serious truck. The most offroad you go in a Subaru is a dirt road. You can’t crawl up a gully with all wheel drive.

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