HP's cheapie tablet is no Apple-killer


People keep saying that HP's $250 tablet PC has beaten Apple to the market. This isn't a sensible comparison: Apple's tablet will be a real computer, appealing to a different sort of consumer, whereas HP's is only a few rungs up from a digital photo frame. A more apt comparison is with Mike Arrington's TechCrunch's Tablet, offered on similar conceptual lines, and, ostensibly, at a similarly budget price.

HP's tablet doesn't look as good as Arrington's, either. It has no web browser, just a set of basic web-ish things like Facebook and some media streaming magic. That said, he's now faced with doing battle directly with the world's largest PC maker at the low end of the market. Oof!

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  1. It looks like an interesting device, could be fun to hack around with if the OS turns out to be replaceable. However, the MSRP looks really optimistic.

    Your basic digital photo frame, minus the network stuff, comes in at under $100 these days. A Chumby, with a smaller screen but a much larger 3rd party application ecosystem, is $50 cheaper. This thing is basically a netbook screen, connected to a teeny embedded board, being sold for the price of a netbook.

    If the MSRP turns out to be as fanciful as MSRPs often are this could be a winner. As priced, though, it seems like a very niche effort.

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