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  1. “Damn, another ‘Hair Club for Men’ commercial … now, how do ya tune in the ‘All PRON, All The Time’ channel on this thing?”

  2. What happened to all the BBG posts??? One or two per day is now the status quo?

    What happened to the good old days with JoelJohnson?

    JOEL!! We miss you, dude.

  3. Let me be the first old fart to say Hugo Gernsback looks like Uncle Martin in that picture.

    And Rob, we love you, and you smell nice and everything, but we just need a little more diversity in the postings on BBG; maybe multiple weekly guest posters like on the Mother Boing? Maybe have Mr. Jalopy talk tools & Annalee Newitz talking about where AI & sex toys meet one week, and Steve Lodefink talking Garage Tinkering & Kevin Kidney on building his own Hatbox Ghost the next?

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