Is Apple's tablet a kindle-killer?

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At Gizmodo, Briam Lam writes about the true target of Apple' tablet: readers.

Two people related to the NYTimes have separately told me that in June, paper was approached by Apple to talk about putting the paper on a "new device." The R&D labs have long worked on versions of the paper meant to be navigated without a keyboard or mouse, showing up on Windows tablets and on multiple formats using Adobe Air. The NYTimes, of course, also publishes via their iPhone application. Jobs has, during past keynotes, called the NYTimes the "best newspaper in the world."

Apple's gamble is that is e-ink isn't all that important to most of us: we are used to glowy LCD screens and our eyes don't need the passive look of paper to enjoy reading. Moreover, it's realized that the Kindle and its kin have a broad potential beyond reading long documents, like novels, where e-ink is a real help. We read an awful lot of little things, and that's the real market.

Apple Tablet To Redefine Newspapers, Textbooks and Magazines [Giz]

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