Cars! E-Wolf E2 Electric Car


Wolf offers an electric Lambo to go with Tesla's Lotus-a-like. But looks, like batteries, only go so far. From Autoblog:

Powering the theoretical electric supercar will be one 134-horsepower electric motor per wheel for a total of 536 squeaky-clean horses and an impressive 738 lb-ft of torque (1,000 Nm). The run to 60 mph is expected to be dispatched in well under four seconds, though the top speed may be capped at 155 mph.

Energy storage will be by way of a lithium ion battery pack composed of 84 flat cells from CERIO. Although no details have been released on the pack's stated capacity, e-Wolf suggests that range could be as high as 187 miles...

e-Wolf channels inner Italian with planned e2 electric car [Autoblog via The Awesomer]

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11 Responses to Cars! E-Wolf E2 Electric Car

  1. WalterBillington says:


  2. RedShirt77 says:

    I love all the critiques of electric super cars for having limited range.

    i am sorry, who is driving a car with a boot the size of a post card cross country? You need to make it to the club or the office or the track and back.

    Our dreams of doing the Ikea run in our electric lambo have been squashed.

  3. overunger says:

    Oh, DAMN!!! That’s just– oooh! Why can’t more cars look like this?

  4. things says:

    187 is a pretty great range for an electric car these days.

  5. WalterBillington says:

    187 is fine – if you can afford this, you can afford your own re-charging truck to follow you round. Even at 120 mph, you’d use up your charge in (max and simple for brevity) 1.5 hours. You stop, enjoy the scenery for lunch, 60 mph truck arrives in 1.5 hours, charges you up, and you continue.

    Aaah life is good.

  6. ForTheLittlePeople says:

    You don’t have one truck follow you you send out three or four trucks to nice restaurants and points of interest to wait for your arrival. With 12 such support vehicles you could keep going within the normal physical limits of human endurance.

  7. caitifty says:

    Why on earth would an electric car have massive air intakes on the front? Other than to increase drag? Ugly *and* stupid.

  8. jazzbo says:

    # 6 Caitifty

    “Why on earth would an electric car have massive air intakes on the front? Other than to increase drag? Ugly *and* stupid.”

    Four 134 HP electric motors are going to generate some serious heat, doofus.

  9. Drag says:

    @7 Uh, depending on the venting, it could decrease lift, you know. See

  10. Brandon West says:

    While this does look like a Lambo got it on with a Ferrari, the man difference between it and the Tesla Roadster is that Lotus actually helped develop the chassis for it, which is why it looks like an Elise.

    The other difference is that you can actually go buy a Tesla.

  11. superunloader says:

    Looks good, although I must say that I am against all the emissions the (primarily coal) power stations will emitt every time you plug this thing in to charge it. With a range of only 187 miles, that could be quite often.

    Give me a normal petrol powered car anyday. “Save Coal!”

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