PSPGo in stores today

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I'm a fan of the semiotics of silly names for colors. What do "ceramic white" and "piano black" say? Classiness?

PSPGo Available Now [Playstation]

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6 Responses to PSPGo in stores today

  1. BCJ says:

    “Piano black” certainly doesn’t scream portable.

  2. shMerker says:

    To me “Ceramic white” says “toilet”.

  3. zikman says:

    “I really want a piano, but this psp will suffice”

  4. monstrinho_do_biscoito says:

    this thing is fugly

  5. seanjjordan says:

    I don’t know anyone who’s getting one. It’s too pricey, especially considering you can get a PSP-3000 for about $80 less and almost all of the same features.

    I wish Sony luck, but they should have priced this at $149.99 if they wanted people to get interested in it.

  6. phisrow says:

    I think that, like a great many consumer electronics color names, ‘ceramic’ white and ‘piano’ black are both basically saying:

    “I’m not made of cheap plastic injection molded by the low bidder. Please believe me?”

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