PSPGo reviews nail Sony on pricing

Sony's PSPGo, though a nice piece of hardware, is a raw deal for customers: the only way to buy games is online, from Sony, and the prices are jacked way up. Ars Techinca describes it in scathing terms.

Sony's new portable is nothing but raw deal after raw deal. The complaints are numerous, the slights against consumers are many, and the hardware is flawed. On top of these issues is a price point that's so high it seems like a sick joke ... a terrible, terrible deal for everyone except Sony.

Wired gives it 6/10.

Sony is betting that you like "new and shiny" more than you like "money and savings." ... There's a lot to like, but current-gen PSP owners looking to upgrade might feel Backdraft levels of burn. The PlayStation Store is the only way to get new games for the PSPgo, and your prized UMD collection can't be converted or ported over. Since re-buying your entire library of games isn't an option for most folks, you'll just have to hold on to your old PSP if you want to play that old copy of Lumines.

It gets worse. With classic Sony perversity, the PSPgo abandons the PSP's traditional mini-USB connector, so all of those accessories you've been collecting over the years will be useless with this new gadget.

CNET declines to rate it, offering instead a hand-wringing editors note. Make of it what you will. But CNET users give it two stars out of five:

Because we've yet to see what Sony will offer as far as PSP Minis or additional nongaming applications, it's hard to pass final judgment on the Go at this time. For now it's safe to say that this is a sexy gaming handheld that's got potential but is overpriced at $250.

Engadget likes the hardware:

Sony has done some great work here. It's a sturdy, classier game system ... Long-term you're still gonna be paying more for every retail game bought digitally instead of on disc. That last bit is something that should make first-time buyers take heed, as lack of legacy support on same-generation games and accessories isn't our biggest gripe here

Kotaku sums it up well: a good machine sold with a bad attitude:

Until Sony comes up with some system to transfer over all of those purchased UMD games I can't see current owners giving up their platform. The cost, both for the system and in terms of repurchasing games, is just too high. ... If you're new to the platform and don't mind the price, than definitely pick one up.

IGN likes it, but...

By limiting accessibility, Sony has made the user experience dangerously inconsistent and makes the value of such a device questionable.

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