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  1. I’m confused at what I’m seeing here. Is this a doorknob that extends so far that it gets jammed on the doorframe and prevents you from actually opening the door? Or is it a doorknob made from real, hollow, easily-shattered light bulbs?

  2. He should be putting his sleeve over his hand to turn the knob, just to drive home the light bulb motif.

  3. Are those light bulbs? I don’t see the filaments so I guess not. What makes them bad I guess is they do not allow any form of locking. Some doorknobs are like this however for doors indoor that need not locks. I think it does extend too much from the door which is not a good design.

  4. This is just a bad PhotoShop event.

    Notice that the bulb on the far side of the door isn’t in line with the one on the near side. And real doors have a 2″ diameter hole for the lock mechanism to fit into, so there should be a round plate at the base of the doorknob to cover it up.

  5. If you follow the link it explains that it is indeed a light-up doorknob, though there’s no reason to also think that it’s made of the same glass as a regular lightbulb.

    I actually had this exact idea like two weeks ago when my daughter woke up crying in the middle of the night. Stumbling around trying to find the door in the dark sucks.

  6. Those don’t look like light bulbs a all. They look like solid frosted spheres. So it seems like a perfectly reasonable doorknob, if a little tacky.


    If it is solid frosted glass, I’d think that you could get a decent grip on it at first, although over time the frost would probably wear off and then it would be slippery if your hands were in the least bit wet.

  8. Doesn’t extend much farther than some doorknobs I’ve used, and it’s probably made of solid plastic with an led or two in the base.

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