Crazy customer flashes gun at Apple store

From the Cincinatti Inquirer:

A clerk at the Apple Store in Kenwood Towne Centre kept a cool head when a customer reportedly took his frustration with his iPhone too far. Hamilton County sheriff's deputies say Donald Goodrich, 38, took his phone into the store and told the clerk, "I'm so mad I could pop a 9mm at it. I could really do it right now, look!"

Play back the quote in your head, but with Christopher Walken's voice.

iPhone frustration leads to arrest []

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  1. I’m so Mad.

    I could pop,
    a nine millimeter at it.

    I could really do it right now.

    I don’t think this is going
    too far,

    do you? I mean, really DO you?

  2. But, I thought the JesusPhone solved all your problems and elevated you to a state of zen! 😉

  3. I wonder if this is the same guy they interviewed about the Max Headroom video pirate incident in 1987.

    “I got so mad, I wanted to bust the TV set. I really did.”

  4. So let me get this straight, to carry a concealed weapon you must inform people that you have a concealed weapon? Perhaps they should give out T-Shirts with the permit to inform people.

  5. Rob #9, flashing a gun while saying you feel like shooting someone is a textbook case of menacing. Someone like that should have their concealed carry permit revoked as they’re a danger to others.

    Also, in Ohio, you’re required to inform Police that you have a firearm and have a permit to carry it every time you interact with them. That’s covered clearly in the concealed carry training.

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