HP offers 17TB Windows Home Server box


HP's latest mediasmart home server can stack up to 17TB of storage in a box the size of one of those little desktop fridges you can buy from Skymall.

Data. Beer. Your decision.

P.S. it has much-improved Mac admin software, and an enhanced media/video collection and conversion package, say the makers.


(PDF) [HP]

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  1. Hmmm…where does the 17TB come from? – wouldn’t it be 4 internal x 2TB HDD’s and then using 2TB’s on the other 8 connections (4 x USB & 4 x ESATA) – that would be 24TB’s in total.

  2. The 1 Tb version of this is $543.99 at Amazon.

    You’re buying a $150 computer, a $70 disk drive, NO RAID PROTECTION, and a free copy of Samba for a 271% markup.

    One would hope that the folks who read this website could do better than this on their own.

  3. @BODOG
    Try with 1.5TB drives, where 12*1.5 = 18TB.

    But I agree that counting external storage for stuff like this is ridiculous.

  4. #3: Remember, it does come with Windows Home Server, which isn’t free. It still doesn’t really justify the price, especially when a new version of WHS is coming soon.

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