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  1. Yep! As a commenter points out at Continuous Lean, we can still get pleather ones from the IBM logo store.

    I don’t know when the first one was handed out, but here’s another, different-looking example:

    I probably have one in my desk at work if you want one, Rob.

  2. I actually still have one of these that I use to jot notes on.

    Anyone know where you might be able to find paper refills to fit the thing?

  3. And, yes, that is why the laptops were called “thinkpads.”

    There is no truth the the rumor that a waterproof and buoyant version was considered, to be known as the thwimpad.

  4. I am SO waiting to inherit one of those from my father.

    Heck, maybe I should just ask him for it. 🙂

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