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4 Responses to Little Dog

  1. Galoot says:

    No “Add to Wishlist” button. 🙁

  2. Brainspore says:

    BigDog and this new puppy sibling are wicked cool, but I’ve yet to see a demonstration where a tread-propelled robot couldn’t have traversed the area just as effectively.

    Sometimes I think DARPA just sinks money into the toys that are the most fun to play with (though I admit the internet worked out pretty well).

  3. devophill says:

    They should have put in a coupla loose ones, like they do on “Ninja Warrior”.

  4. SamSam says:

    @ Brainspore: If those pegs were not deeply embedded into the earth beneath them, treads would simply knock them over. These legs direct pressure directly downwards, making the supports stable.

    Of course, this is a pretty made-up scenario…

    That said, these really can go places treaded vehicles can’t. Very rocky terrain is not traversable by a treaded vehicle unless the vehicle is significantly larger than the rocks, which would defeat the purpose of a small pack-carrying robot designed to accompany troops.

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